Don’t believe in cheat sheets for your business?

Yay! We don’t either.

So, kick off your shoes, grab a cuppa and get comfy on the couch because we want to chat with you.

i made a thing podcast was born out of our desire for a safe and supportive space where we could have conversations on business topics that matter to us and share our learnings and struggles along the way.

Thanks to our academic backgrounds, we wanted to go deeper than quick wins and how-tos. We wanted a chance to explore topics in a fresh, honest, practical and evidence-based way.

On the pod, we discuss topics that impact small business owners and creatives every day. We cover everything from passion and purpose to ageism to professionalism to decision making.

Each pod will help you to unpack your assumptions and look introspectively. And we always finish up with practical advice and further reading so you leave feeling like you’ve got this.

You went into business to do things differently. We know we did. That’s why we want to help you carve your business path (cheat sheets not included).


Where’d the name come from?

Well, funny you should ask.

Being legit biz owners, we spent ages trying to come up with a name that was clever, funny and would please the SEO gods, but nothing felt right.

One day during a brainstorm session we wrote down “I made a thing” as a joke. But when it came time to brand the pod, we pulled it out, tried it on and decided it was a perfect fit.

It encapsulates what so many business owners and creatives feel about what they do. We all start our businesses for different reasons, but most of us end up creating something completely different from our original idea. 

And before we know it, we’re sitting in our PJs, watching Netflix with a bag of Doritos thinking “I made a thing” now what?