Pricing and Payment - Episode 3 / Season 1


Pricing and Payment

Is charging what you’re worth a valuable measure?

Are there formulas and systems you should be following?

Why is everyone so damn secretive of their pricing?

"My prices and what people pay me aren't a reflection of my value and who I am as a person”

- Rachel Kurzyp

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Why do people say “charge what you’re worth?” And what does that even mean?

  • Hourly vs project pricing. What are the options?

  • How do you price creativity and great ideas?

  • Discounting - When is it OK? How do you do it?

  • How do you package your services?

  • Should you keep prices low and get more clients OR charge more and work with less people?

  • What’s the deal with chasing invoices and creating payment plans?

Resources discussed in this episode:

“Value is defined as impactful change for the client and their business”

- Sophia Colquhoun

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